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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Compulsory purchase compensation claims advice and compulsory purchase order objections

Compulsary purchase compensation claims

We are highly experienced compulsory purchase compensation claims experts. We deal with residential and commercial property claims made on behalf of property owners or business occupiers affected by public infrastructure projects and other major development schemes.

We are able to deal with a wide range of compulsory purchase and compensation matters. For more details click the appropriate link from the following list:

Compulsory purchase claims normally arise where all or part of a property is subject to compulsory purchase. This can be as a result of a compulsory purchase order made under existing legislation or by a special act of Parliament. Compensation claims can also arise where no land is taken.

What is a compulsory purchase order?

A compulsory purchase order is a statutory order made under an existing Act of Parliament authorizing a statutory body such as a highway authority or a utility company to acquire by compulsory purchase the land required for a specific scheme.

Compulsory purchase can also be authorized by a special act of parliament. A recent example of this is Crossrail. No doubt, HS2 or the proposed high speed rail link from London to Birmingham would proceed on a similar basis.

What is compulsory purchase?

  • Compulsory purchase is actually the forced sale of a property or land subject to a compulsory purchase order.

  • The process and terms of the sale are regulated by legislation.

  • The basis of compensation payable to the property owner or occupier is set out in legislation.

What is compulsory purchase order compensation?

  • Owners who have land or property acquired by compulsory purchase are entitled to compulsory purchase order compensation, which is assessed in accordance with legislation. This legislation is generally known as the compulsory purchase compensation code.

  • In certain circumstances compulsory purchase order compensation is payable to land or property owners even if no land or property is acquired.

Our experience and thorough working knowledge of the compulsory purchase legislation combined with our negotiating skills means that we are well placed to achieve the best possible outcome for your compulsory purchase compensation claim. We will maximise the amount of compulsory purchase compensation payable to you.

In many compensation cases our fees will be reimbursed by the acquiring authority in addition to any compensation paid. This will not reduce the amount of compensation paid to you as the claimant.
If you are affected by compulsory purchase or a major public project, contact us for a free initial discussion.