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Expert Witness and Expert Reports

Expert evidence by chartered surveyors & commercial property consultants

Expert witness reports services


An expert report will be required if you are involved with any form of litigation and intend to present expert witness evidence. This also applies to all commercial property disputes. The expert report is required to be prepared by the expert witness in a certain format.

If you are disputing the proposed rent or other terms for a lease renewal of commercial property or business premises under Part 2 Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, the matter usually proceeds to the County Court. The Court will normally order that the expert witness acting for each of the respective parties to the lease renewal are to agree as much factual information as possible before they each produce an expert report. These will have to be exchanged well before the hearing date in accordance with a timetable set by the Court. If the matter proceeds to a hearing you will then require your expert witness to attend Court to give evidence. The expert report prepared by your expert witness will form the basis of that evidence.

Our Skills

We have extensive experience of producing expert reports for a variety of commercial property disputes as well as attending Court to give expert witness evidence.

An expert witness has a duty to the Court and it is vital that this is fully understood or the credibility of the evidence will be undermined. It is also important to remember that your expert witness will be subject to cross-examination. Your expert witness must therefore be able to justify the evidence presented in the expert report and be prepared to deal with rigorous cross-examination. We have the necessary skills and experience to deal with giving expert witness evidence. This will give your case the best possible chance of success.

If you need a commercial property expert witness or expert report, contact us now.