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Blight Notices and Blight Notice compensation

Serving blight notices and compensation in respect of land or property affected by future schemes and safeguarding

 Compulsory Purchase Compensation - Blight Notices and Blight Notice compensation

As experienced compulsory purchase compensation claims experts, we are able to deal with blight notices and blight notice compensation. A brief outline of blight notices and compensation is set out below.

  • In certain circumstances a blight notice can be served by a property owner unable to sell a property because it is affected by a proposed future scheme. A blight notice requires the body responsible for the scheme to either confirm that the property is not required or acquire the property.
  • If the property is to be acquired, the basis of compensation will be in accordance with the compensation code. Essentially, the property will be acquired at market value ignoring the effects of the scheme causing the blight. Other items of claim may also be payable.

For most compulsory purchase claims, including accepted blight notices, our fees will be reimbursed by the acquiring authority in addition to any other compensation paid.
If you are affected by blight,contact us for a free initial discussion.

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