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Business Rates

Minimising your business rates liability and submitting business rates appeals

business rates

We are experienced in dealing with business rates or non-domestic rates and business rates appeals. Our knowledge of the business rates appeals process and the commercial property market enables us to advise you and achieve the best possible result.

How are business rates calculated?

  • The amount of business rates that you pay to the local authority is determined by applying the multiplier or poundage, which is set annually by the Government, to the rateable value attributed to your property.

  • The rateable value is set by the Valuation Office (VOA) and is based on an assessment of the rental value of the property at the date of the last revaluation. The most recent revaluation was on 1 April 2008. This came into force on 1 April 2010.

How can you reduce your business rates?

  • You can reduce your business rates by making a successful appeal against the rateable value.

  • A successful appeal will depend on establishing that the current rateable value is too high. This will require open market rental evidence to support the case and the ability to analyse and interpret that evidence.

How to can I make a business rates appeal?

  • Business rates appeals are submitted to the VOA on the relevant form.

  • It is relatively easy to submit the appeal but it is unlikely to be successful unless you have evidence of relevant transactions to support your case and are able to analyse and interpret that evidence correctly.