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Compulsory Purchase Compensation for Land or Property

Compulsory purchase compensation claims for residential and commercial property or land taken

Compulsary purchase compensation claims

As experienced compulsory purchase compensation claims experts, we are able to deal with your compensation claim for land or property. A brief outline of compensation for land or property is set out below.

  • Compulsory purchase compensation for land or property arises when a compulsory purchase order will take any of the claimant’s land or property for a proposed scheme.

  • The amount of compensation is based on the intrinsic value of the property or land ignoring the effects of the scheme. The basis of valuation is set out in the legislation and precedents set by case law. This is sometimes referred to as the compensation code.

  • Additional compensation may also be payable under other heads of claim such as injurious affection, home loss payment or loss of business profits.

For most compulsory purchase compensation claims for land or property our fees will be reimbursed by the acquiring authority in addition to any other compensation paid.
If you are affected by compulsory purchase of your land or property, contact us for a free initial discussion.

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